Who are we?

We both grew up in the Winkler area. Moved to Portage la Prairie and started with Youth For Christ October of 2014.

Our passion is to see young men and women become informed and transformed by the truths of Scripture and the Life of Jesus through direct and indirect teaching, through our words and actions.


What is YFC as a Whole?

YFC is a global organization committed to helping youth reach their full potential by directing them to the person, work, and teachings of Christ as well as aiming to disciple youth into the Church. In general YFC works with many hurting/broken/trapped youth who most people have given up on.

YFC is committed to training its workers up in the fullness of Christ that they may be competent to fulfill its mission. They constantly call staff back to worship and prayer as key factors to any ministry.


Portage YFC

YFC’s main building in Portage is located at 60 Tupper Street North. It is known as ‘The Factory’ as it used to be a Coke bottling factory. This building houses our main offices as well as our drop in center equipped with canteen, pool tables, booths, couches, and a small ‘gym’.

YFC Portage also has a satellite building called “The Door” located at 7-714 Willow Bay. It sits among 100 other low income housing apartments. It is used as an outreach facility to connect with the youth and adults around it through games, programs and many unique activities. It is special in that it enables YFC staff to serve the community by living in their ‘backyard’.


What we do

Our main focus at YFC is to minister to the community around The Door through working, programming, planning from The Door. The age group we aim at reaching is Grades 6-8. The Factory focuses on Grades 9 and up so we see the need to turn our attention to the critical ages of 12-14. This is the age where big questions are wrestled with and choices are made that have lifelong effects.

Side focuses have been the many young and expecting moms, and any parents of the youth who are available. We see the benefit of connecting not only with the kids but using those connections as a springboard to connecting with their parents and other adults.


How this looks practically?

Our weeks consist of

  • Staff prayer - these are beneficial times of encouraging and praying with all YFC Portage staff as we seek to be united in the common goal of reaching Youth for Christ.
  • Working at schools – we have the privilege to be involved in North Memorial School (K-6) Monday after noons and Friday mornings for breakfast. As well we help out at La Verendrye School (K-8) Tuesday and Thursday lunch hours and Thursday after noons (These are the main schools kids around The Door attend)
  • Jr. Youth – A program that happens at The Factory every Tuesday from 4:00-6:00. It is geared to grades 7-8 students and the majority of the kids that come live around The Door. Its’ focus is to provide a safe environment for youth to come and hear biblical teaching.
  • Partner Development – We aim to inform the Body of Christ at large as to the work God’s doing in Portage la prairie with the hope of encouraging and stirring their hearts to praise and serve God more and more. This is done through sending weekly emails, keeping our Blog up to date, planning dessert nights, going out for coffee, sending out Newsletter, making phone calls, etc...
  • Monday Guy’s/Girls Group – A program that runs every Monday after school from 3:30-5:30 at The Door. It is for grades 5-6 guys and girls. Its focus is to simply connect with guys in some way so we have connections when they come into jr. high
  • Friday Guy's/Girls Group - A program that usually runs every Friday after school from 3:30-5:30 for Grades 7-8 guys and girls.
  • Craft Night – A program that runs every Thursday from 4:00-5:30 at The Door. It is for grades 4-6 girls. Its focus is to teach the Word of God and show how it is practical and relevant to the struggles young women face. After the teaching time a craft is done as well.
  • Mentoring – Through the week we try to fit time in to disciple youth who are interested in knowing more about the Bible. This can be one on one’s, small groups, formal or informal.
  • At our House – Because we live so close to The Door, we have many youth coming to our house just to see what we are doing. These have been incredible times of hearing the youth’s stories and being a stable support for those who lack any form of stability.
  • “Hanging Out” – Programs are never the ends of relationships with the kids and the community. Our best conversations continue to be the time we simply are walking in the community with no agenda. Times where we are aware as to where God is calling us or what He may be telling us to say or do. They are times where we can stop in at random houses and talk with random kids. Times of simply ‘being’ with our friends and neighbors.